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About Me

With twenty years’ experience working in international development and trade promotion for the federal government, I am passionate about people’s well-being, innovation in urban development, economic growth for all, good governance, justice and the environment.

As a mother of two politically aware teenagers, partner to a feminist committed to human rights and as the youngest of a loving family of nine children, I enjoy debating big ideas and taking part in community events.

I am a dreamer, but above all I like to see dreams become reality. Over the course of my career I have been responsible for international projects in social and economic development such as promoting access to education in Morocco, financial independence of women in Haiti, local development in Peru and public administration in Kenya. I am currently responsible for a program supporting entrepreneurs interested in exploring new markets. My experience in government has provided me with skills and knowledge to analyze the issues faced by Gatineau and to work with citizens to develop innovative solutions for our city.

I have been involved in our neighbourhood association for several years and am member of the School Board of the Grand Rivière High School. I want to give back to my community. I am looking forward to meeting more of the people of our district to better understand their concerns and to be able to represent them.

My experience has taught me that we always achieve better results when we consult well. No one understands the challenges of a community better than the people who live and work there, and no one else is better placed to develop solutions that bring us all together.

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