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I am happy to announce I am running for municipal office. I will be candidate for Action Gatineau for the magnificent district of Mitigomijokan (District 5).

I am running because I would like to make our city more beautiful, more unified, greener, more innovative and more entrepreneurial.  I would like to see businesses prosper.  I would like to see people come to live here because housing is affordable, public transit is efficient, parks are numerous and well maintained, streets are safe and schools are easy to access.

I am running to make sure that new developments respect the environment, reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to climate change.  I am running to make sure that the development plans of the City of Gatineau consider future generations and take inspiration from the most innovative practices in urban planning from around the world. I am running to stimulate the economy, attract entrepreneurs and contribute to post-COVID economic renewal.

I am running because I love Mitigomijokan, the neighbourhood in which I have lived for more than 15 years.  I love this area because here children play in the street, there are plenty of trees and historical homes, but most of all, we have committed citizens.  I love our volunteer associations who organize neighbourhood events, take care of skating rinks, sing in the streets in the holiday season, help one another, plant trees, exchange plants and get organized to make things happen.  I love my neighbourhood because it  I am happy to see that Mitigomijokan is attracting people from all over the world. I love Aylmer because we access to a good library, La Basoche, resilient and innovative entrepreneurs running restaurants and businesses, public transit, bicycle paths, access to the river and a beautiful beach.

I am running to listen to my neighbours and the people of my district and to ensure their voices are heard at city hall.  I am running to protect the beauty of our heritage sectors and ensure that the new sectors being developed are real neighbourhoods where families can walk to nearby parks, stores and essential services. I will work to maintain Robert Stewart as a pedestrian and bicycle path, protect wetlands and forest cover, and follow the implementation of Destination Vanier, Project Connaught and other projects.

I am running with Action Gatineau because I believe in working as a team to test ideas and implement them drawing on the contributions of each person.

I invite you to send me your ideas and share with me your vision for Mitigomijokan.  I also invite you to join my campaign by becoming part of my energetic team of volunteers and supporters working together for the sustainable development of our district and our city.  You can also contribute by becoming a member of Action Gatineau or simply by making a donation.